VoiceLive Play/GTX – Hits of the 80′s preset pack now available!

The next release in TC-Helicon series of monthly presets packs for VoiceLive Play/GTX is now available. TC-Helicon has compiled a fun set o presets spannin the 80’s with a great range of sounds.

  1. Video Killed VS (Video Killed the Radio Star – Verse)
  2. Video Killed Ch (Video Killed the Radio Star – Chorus)
  3. Pour Sugar (Pour Some Sugar On Me)
  4. I of the Tyger (Eye of the Tiger)
  5. Isle of R&R (I Love Rock and Roll)
  6. Heat of Moment (Heat of the Moment)
  7. Rock Hurricane (Rock You Like a Hurricane)
  8. Crayzee Intro (Crazy Train – Intro)
  9. Crayzee Trayne (Crazy Train)
  10. Frank E. Sez… (Relax)
  11. Mr. Robot Intro (Mr. Roboto – Intro)
  12. Mr. Robot Toe (Mr. Roboto)
  13. Lovin’ Touchin’ (Lovin Touchin Squeezin)

To get the presets onto your Play or Play GTX, fire up VoiceSupport, click on “Presets”, press the giant button in the middle of the screen and then wait for the presets to transfer from your unit. When that’s done, simply drag and drop the 80′s icon from the right hand side of the VoiceSupport window into the preset area. Click “Apply Changes” from the top menu and you’re done!

Source: TC-Helicon News