Ueberschall releases “Chart Hits”

Ueberschall releases "Chart Hits"

Chart Hits: http://www.ueberschall.com/goto/515/Chart_Hits

Straight into and up the charts. Is music more than just fun for you? Do you want to address big audiences? Do you look for airplay, video-rotation and commercial success? Then it is time to enter the charts with your track!

Pop is the biggest intersection in music. It reaches large audiences by radio – and television broadcast, clubs and concerts. This allows earning quite a bit of money but also means working in a competitive market. To hold your ground, more than just a good song idea is needed to remain in the charts. Your productions need to be top notch and pick up the latest trends. This is where Ueberschall‘s Chart Hits library comes in. Pop-oriented construction kits integrate modern elements like Trance- synthlines, R’n’B-hooks as well as House-beats and acoustic guitar licks. Fat synth sounds and punchy drums set the base for catchy melodies and harmonic structures that paint the full picture of song. This library puts the right sound-set for your chart track into your hands. The rest is up to your and your A&R manager.

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Just a quick reminder that you only have until midnight (PDT), Thursday April 12 (that’s today!) to pick up AVOX MUTATOR Evo for only $29 – that’s over 70% offit’s regular MSRP of $99. (Actually, for math fans following along at home, it’s 70.707071% off (to six decimal places, anyway).)

MUTATOR Evo is a powerful sound design tool (and, by our count, the second most fun you can have sitting in front of your computer). And for one more day, it can be yours for the you-barely-even-have-to-think-about-it price of only $29. Check out all of the details here, then head over to the Antares Online Store to get your copy.