IK’s Special Classik Studio Reverb Sale!

IK’s Special Classik Studio Reverb Sale!IK is proud to announce that the Classik Studio Reverb will be available for only $49.99/€39.99* instead of $229/€179* in the IK Store until April 30th, 2012. That’s 78% off IK’s award-winning CSR for a limited time. Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of four high-end studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics. With CSR, you have over 100 parameter controls per unit for ultimate tweaking and perfecting of your sound.  Now at this great price everyone can afford the quality sound of classic outboard workhorse signature reverbs in their studio in a convenient low-cpu usage plug-in format.

Take advantage of this incredible sale and pick up Classik Studio Reverb today!

For more information on IK’s Classik Studio Reverb visit: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/csr