Roland joins West L.A. Music for ASCAP Expo 2012

Roland Corporation U.S. will be joining West L.A. Music for the ASCAP Expo 2012 with an industry-leading collection of musical instruments and equipment built specifically with performing and recording musicians in mind. During this year’s show, an exclusive lineup of Roland’s premier gear will be publicly unveiled in the U.S., making Expo-goers visiting the West L.A. Music compound among the very first musicians in the world to experience Roland’s groundbreaking 2012 roster in person.

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Roland unveils Jupiter-50 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 50

Roland has announced Jupiter-50 Synthesizer, the second release in its contemporary generation of Jupiter family keyboards. Four separate sound engines can be stacked together to create classic fat synth tones and massive voices. The lightweight, streamlined design also makes it an essential keyboard for players everywhere.

Inside, Roland Jupiter-50 comes with a sound engine that is the sonic equal of its big brother, containing all of the SuperNatural synthesizer and acoustic tones found in the Jupiter-80. Users can even import Jupiter-80 sound data into the Jupiter-50 or utilize powerful onboard multi-effects and reverb for studio-quality sound processing.

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